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...until Election Day 2020 when America can regain control of her own destiny, restore faith in leadership and reclaim her rightful place as responsible participants on the global stage:

Why Kirsten

Why Kirsten Gillibrand is best suited to win the 2020 election:


Kirsten Represents America's Values

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America is Eager for Change

We're almost certainly going to end up with a Democratic president in 2020, but we need someone who can defeat Trump (if he doesn't defeat himslef by then) and Kirsten is up to the challenge.  Still clinging to the hope of the Obama years, voters may be psychologically exhausted from the parade of "old white guys" and more ready for a woman president than we've ever been.  But other female candidates have already come across as unqualified, "unlikable" or strange.  Kirsten brings the right temperment and experience to break ahead of the pack.


She's Experienced

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She's Real

Admits when makes a mistake.  Because she's a woman. America is ready for a woman president, and wants one. Becuase she is compassionate. Because she is a fighter.She believe is people and humanity. Healthcare. Equality. Justice.
She is presidential. She is ot kooky, hasn't said silly things or did Beer sessions on Twitter. She is CONNECTED to reality.
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Kirsten's March Towards the Presidency

2006 through 2018

US Representative, Senator

Kirsten Gillibrand was elected to the US House of Representatives in 2006.  In 2009 she was then apponted to the Senate by the Governor of New York to fill Hillary Clinton's vacated seat as she moved on to become Barack Obama's Secretary of State.

January 15th, 2019

Announcement on Late Show

Kirsten Gillabrand announces that she is forming an exploratory committee, effectively entering the 2020 race for President.

January 16th, 2019 Website Launched (this website) was launched the morning after Senator Kirsten's "exploratory committee" announcement.


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